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If you have made and completed one of our 0-16.5/On30 wagon or loco kits and would like to show a picture here i will be happy to consider pictures sent me at

Nick Pidgley

These pictures were sent to me by Nick who was one of my first customers for use on the web site, Nick runs a small garden maintenace company in West Sussex .


Steel open RC7893

4 Plank open RC7890

4 Wheel bolster wagon RC7892



Howard Clarke

Known as Nobby to many fellow modellers has bought many of our kits over the years, here is a few of his finished ones.


Bogie flat wagon with round top ends kit bashed into milk churn wagon RC7839

14' Bogie box car with vents RC7859


Brian Mosby

Here are some pictures of Brians models, Brian also runs Mozzer models and has built and painted many of our kits.

Logging Caboose RC7855

14' Bogie flat car with round top ends RC7839

End Detail on 14' bogie flat wagon with round tops RC7839


Tony Reidpath

When talking with Tony via emails he told me that he had bought 50+ of our kits. Here are some pictures of Tony's completed models note the corrigated roof's on the box vans.

RC7859 14' Box car

RC7866 14' Tank car

RC7855 Logging Caboose 2 different chimneys (Tony Reidpath)

RC7855 with added parts to the roof to give the look of a sheet metal roof (Tony Reidpath)



Tim Parkinson

Mr Tim Parkinson from New Zealand sent this photograph of a project that he started, a Trallee and Dingle 2-6-2 made up from our kit, plus extra parts we supplied, with extensions to the footplate, cab/tank sides and the boiler this picture shows the result, I look forward to seeing the final result of Tims project, he has also shown how versatile this kit is!.

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