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If you have made and completed one of our 0-16.5/On30 wagon or loco kits and would like to show a picture here i will be happy to consider pictures sent me at

Tom Tallant

Tom is recently a new customer from the USA, Toms 1st order included one of the kitbash kits RC7880 Baggage/Caboose combine with an addition of a side mounted jib crane and extra roof detail with parts from Grandt line kit, even the doors work and the roof has been opened out for Cupola interior, Tom's skills again show how versatile the kits are with this fine example of a finished model.

In this picture we see the interior that Tom has fitted into the Baggage/Caboose combine.

And finally one of our Box cars.


Kevin Hughs

Kevin is one of the 25 customers who recently recieved a HUNSLET 4-6-0 from the rerun earlier this year, this is the finished model and a lovely example it is.




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